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Closed cell, crosslinked, lightweight foam used for Industrial Foam seals, gaskets, Model Making, Prop Work, LARP Armoury and much more. 

Plastazote® foam is a closed cell, crosslinked, lightweight foam by UK Manufacturer Zotefoams. During manufacture it is ‘blown’ or expanded by a unique method of Heat and Nitrogen, making this strong and very durable foam completely ‘Pure’. With no chemicals used, the foam can be used for a wide range of longevity uses and combined with different density weights from 15kg/m3 up to 70 kg/m3 allows this foam to be used for Industrial Foam seals, gaskets, as well as Model Making, Prop work, LARP Armoury, Cosplay outfits, Millinery as it can be heat moulded into shapes, Antique Protection, Packaging Case Foam, Entomology Cabinets, Archeology and Museum protection, Childrens Toys, kneeling pads …., the list of uses is endless. 

FR and Anti Static grades are available in Black (prices on application). 

Sheet sizes also vary according to density, with the firmer LD60 and LD70 being slightly smaller sheet than the standard 2 Metres x 1 Metre. From LD45 and below. 

Thicknesses can be heat laminated up to 150mm, this also allows the laminated foam to withstand not being pulled apart as there is no glue involved, making this a permanent lamination. 

Self Adhesive backing can also be supplied if required, however because the foam is very closed cell any peel-off adhesive backing is only ideal for placement of the gasket, not as a permanent adhesion, further forms of fixing would be required. 

Colours are available in the densities of LD33 wide range, and LD45 standard range. 

LD33 offers Black, White, Silver Grey, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Spring Green, Pink and Lilac. 

LD45 offers Black, White, Rock Grey, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and skintone pink. 

The Online shop offers a variety of sizes, 2 M x 1 M, 1 M x 1 M, 1 M x 500mm and 500mm x 500mm. Also offering in different densities, With no Minimum Quantity purchase required, this allows small requirements to be purchased reasonably and at a fair cost. Sometimes you just need something smaller perhaps to check on softness, the smaller sheet sizes allow you to do this. 

I am always happy to cut to different sizing, please just ask for a quote. Other thicknesses are stocked so if you need something thicker again please ask. 

I also offer a collection service, carriage costs are spiralling upwards with no foreseeable reductions, so if you are local and want to collect to keep your costs to a minimum, its all possible. 

Please email any enquiries to:

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Formerly the Operations Manager at Thames Valley Supplies Ltd, Kerry decided to set up a local supplying company that covers all areas of manufacturing, model making and everyday requirements in Southwest London and covering the whole of the UK.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Kerry Way supplies a full range of materials available to order and ship direct. Working closely with several suppliers, we can get you the best price possible. We have materials that are suitable for a variety of requirements.

Plastazote® for cosplay, display cases and conservation work.

Rubber sheeting for model making and manufacturing needs.

Neoprene Sponge for gap filling, gaskets, and strip work.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional service as bespoke requirements in a fast, reliable way. With a lot of materials now being used for a variety of manufacturing needs from Cosplay and Model making to Film Set building, LARP and every day uses which range from industrial, commercial, and domestic.

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If you are looking for foam and rubber suppliers in West London, look no further than Kerry Way. Please note, we aim to respond to all email and form enquiries within 48 hours. If your request is urgent, please give us a call on the number below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

123 Saxon Ave, Feltham TW13 5NB, UK

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